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Friday, December 15, 2006
The best stocking stuffer ever?
My son is a sports nut. He’s working two jobs right now. He’s single, has an apartment with a reasonable rent and no major expenses. So why is he working two jobs? It would be nice if it was because he’s a forward-thinking guy who is feathering his nest for the future (grandkids?!) but that’s not the case. He pretty much spends it as fast as he makes it, and what he spends it on is sports. He lives in San Francisco and goes to all of the Giants, Sharks and A's games, and he’s been in the same rotisserie league for almost fifteen years. This makes it easy to shop for him at Christmas, since anything sports related makes him happy. We’ve been talking about doing some traveling together this spring. So I’m thinking that Chicago Cubs Spring Training Tickets might be the right thing to go with the Leroy Neiman print that’s already on its way to him. What do you think? Has Mom scored a hit this year?

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Blogger Dirk_Star said...
Mom has hit a home run!

Nice gift and he'll love it.

Blogger Dirk_Star said...
Don't worry skeet.

I am your shield!

Whatever comes for you will have to come through me first.

You have carried the torch long enough...

Let a younger man be the standard bearer.

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