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Saturday, December 23, 2006
Bits and pieces of stuff
I think the stuff I put out for United Cerebral Palsey this week was stolen once again before the truck got here.

This week I'm actually kind of glad my old poi dog, Buddy, is deaf. There have been fireworks going off intermittently for the last three days. Poor old Buddy has had nervous conniptions when a single firecracker exploded in past years. Last year he only reacted to the really big boomers, and I'm thinking he'll sleep through New Year's Eve this time around. I certainy hope so. I hate the after-effects of giving him doggie downers.

I'm watching The Sound of Music as I type this. I've probably seen it fifteen or twenty times, but it's been a few years. It still charms. I'll still cry.

I need to do a bio and some termite education stuff for homeowners, per request of a client who will promote me to her realty network on her website. I'm going to hate doing the bio. There's a fine line between promoting oneself and bragging.

I really miss my son this time of year, and feel the miles between us more.

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Blogger Allan said...
Conniptions? We say that here in The South...was Hawaii part of the Confederacy?

Merry Festive Period of One or More Days!

Blogger skeet said...
LOL! Thanks allan! I needed that right at this moment! And I'm a displaced Southerner, darlin, so I have the right to talk that way.

May your festive period be fulfilling or whatever! :0D

Blogger Pepper said...
People have sunk to an all time low, stealing from charities.

You have a geriatric puppy as well, such a sweetie too. My dog just vibrates when the firecrackers go off, she becomes a tiny bundle of nerves.

Blogger The Wizened Wizard said...
Thanks for the good wishes, Skeet. A happy holiday season to you and a very good Christmas! (from someone else who misses a son lured to the mainland of Manhattan Island...)

All that's good -

Blogger Imran said...
Oh my, your dog has gone deaf because of old age. That is sad, but I know he is loved.

Conniptions... I had to look it up to find the meaning. I learnt a new word just by visiting here. Thanks.

Fireworks and crackers on Christmas in Hawaii? Just like our olden days in the village. Fire-crackers on special Malay as well as Chinese celebrations.

Its banned now, so... we just have to watch one during New Year's and National Days.

As long as you know exactly what you're talking about and doing it to benefit others, its not bragging, its noble!

Have a great week ahead.

Blogger skeet said...
Imran, fireworks are not a Christmas tradition. This is just folks doing a very early blow up ofsome of the ones that they bought for New Years. It's only legal to do it for about four or five hours on New Years Eve and Fourth of July, but there's always a few folks who think such laws don't apply to them.

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