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Monday, December 18, 2006
Fun last minute gifts

I’ve been doing termite inspections for almost twenty-seven years. I’m very good at what I do. One thing that I learned early on is that good tools make good work. As an amateur gardener, it doesn’t matter that I use inexpensive tools from the discount store. As a professional providing a service, I look for the very best tools available to assist me in my work. The picture above is my proof. It’s over a decade old. The Streamlight Rechargable Flashlight is clearly visible on my hip. I still rely on Streamlight after all these years, because their flashlights have proven themselves reliable, sturdy and very long-lasting.

While you’re checking out the flashlights, take a look around at some of the other optical instruments at (they’re the nice folks who are sponsoring this post.) If you still have last-minute Christmas shopping to do and you’re looking for bargains, you can certainly find them there. I spend a lot of money on my work tools, but want a discount price for my nephew's first telescope. The hunters in your life would love to find leupold rifle scopes under the Christmas tree this year. Paintballers and others who play in the dark might appreciate an improvement in their night vision. You still have time to order, and will get free UPS shipping on orders over $29.95. Prowl around the site while your there. There are thousands of optical products and accessories and the discounted prices are very appealing.

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Blogger Pepper said...
I bought a flashlight strictly for how much it weighed. I figured it could come in handy for a lethal weapon.

Blogger skeet said...
The one I showed is the same that cops everywhere used to use, though most have abandoned it now for the miniature version. Makes a good defense weapon. I've always known that I could use it that way. The probe in my hand has a 24 inch blade & could be a weapon, too (had to crop the picture because there was something that identified my old employer, so you can't see how long it is.) But, you know, it's kinda funny: in all of these years being a woman out there alone, no one has ever messed with me & given me reason to use my weapons. I've worked in low-income housing projects, in warehouses & machine shops on the wharf (at night while everything was closed) and pretty much anywhere else you can think of. I know I've been looked over by some pretty shady characters, but I think they see my equipment & decide to go after someone less prepared.

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