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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
I got paid!
This may seem a little silly to some folks, but I’ve been grinning all day over a little $10.00 paycheck from PayPerPost. No, it’s not much, but it represents a great deal. You see, when you blog for PayPerPost, you get paid after your post has been up for thirty days. I’ve been blogging for PPP for … thirty days! So that little payment that appeared today is only the first of many, a symbol of things to come. I’ll be paid about $250 if I never make another post. But since I like what I’m doing and am taking more posting opportunities than I did for the first week or so, future monthly earnings will be even better. PPP is sponsoring this post, too, and has become a steady source of income for me. 2007 is looking rosy and prosperous in the skeet household!

A big mahalo (thank you!) to my friend Denise for telling me all about this wonderful opportunity. My Christmas will be a little brighter and I have a little more financial security thanks to her and to PayPerPost!

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Anonymous Tricia said...
Good for you!

I remember how I anxiously awaited that first paypal payment. It's hard to believe that, that was only a month and a half ago or so.

If you're a regular poster you'll start getting paid every day - that feels great too!

Blogger skeet said...
That's the plan, lol!

mahao for stopping by!

Anonymous azrin said...
well,I got paid for my affiliate links instead few weeks ago!!

Carry on soldier.... and thanks for the visit.

Blogger Imran said...
Good for you. Interesting concept to benefit both parties. A win-wins situation here. Very tempting indeed.

Have a good day!

Anonymous Denise said...
Geez, you could at least LINK me. Heh. Congratulations on your payday. I like PPP 'cause everyday is payday!

I wish my son would listen to me, I think he would like PPP for the same reason. But no, kids never listen to their mothers about important stuff.

Blogger Drew said...

Blogger skeet said...
Ack! So sorry Denise! I'll go correct it right now, It was late ... I was tired ...Nah! I'm just a total schlep.

Anonymous Denise said...
giggle, oh good, I was beginning to think you didn't really like me. ;-)

Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...

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