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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
I've been tagged!
Lisa thinks I should tell you five things that you don't know about me. That's going to be hard, because I've pretty much blabbed and blogged all of my secrets. I even admitted down below that my guts leak (this was a deep dark secret that I didn't share for many years, but since you don't have to share my RL personal space, what the heck?!) I'm digging around in the old memory chest, so let's see what skeletons I can rattle.

1. I tore the passenger door off of my first car by forgetting to close it and backing up beside a tree. The tree survived.

2. I was once a media darling. A former employer pushed me out front every time he hosted a media event. I've been on all of the major networks, quite a few cable networks, and have been interviewed and/or photographed for countless newspaper, magazine and radio stories. I don't want the ex-boss scumbag to know I have a blog so I won't name the company, but here's a hint: I was doing what I do now, but had a four-legged, wet-nosed assistant. My best front-page stuff occurred when I performed a service for a famous lady who holds a torch.

3. My siblings and I rescued guinea pigs that my grandmother was raising "for table" when we were kids. Their names were Hoss, Little Joe, Adam and Pollyanna.

4. I sang with the local Up With People group in my teens.

5. My true moment of fame came when I was the local Hula Hoop champion the first year they came out.

Now I have to go read a gazillion blogs to see who I can find who hasn't already played. I'll update once I have my list.

Alrighty now! I've tagged brettbum, scorpy, justin, osman and dragonden!

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Anonymous Denise said...
I am troubled because I didn't know most of these things about you. You. Have. Been. Holding. Out. For. Years.

Not amused.

Blogger skeet said...
You've always known that I was a mysterious woman, lol! I think the only one I've never posted where you would see it is the one about the car door.

Blogger The Wizened Wizard said...
I would KILL to be a media darling!

Blogger Drew said...
Hey Skeet, I'm not much for the tag game. I'm kinda a party pooper that way. We'll see thought. It really isn't something I do on my blog. Maybe I'll do something on my second blog with the tagging.

Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
You know I never got the hang of the hula hoop.

Blogger skeet said...
Drew, no pressure. I picked you because we shared some space on PPP forum threads and I liked your posts. It was fun, but I figured the gal who tagged me wanted me to keep it in the PPP family, so I spent hours reading blogs to find posties who hadn't done it yet, lol. Nice way to get to know folks, though!

Blogger skeet said...
Wiz, it was very nerve-wracking for me. I certainly would never want it to be central to my job again. But, yep, it had its fun aspects, too.

I have a hula hoop around here somewhere that I bought to use for exercise. Apparently you have to be in grade school to do it right, because I can't keep it up at all anymore! :0P

Anonymous Jules said...
You are an interesting person! I'm racking my brain to think if I've seen you on TV before! LOL!

Blogger skeet said...
The last time was over ten years ago (except for a local interview when a brush fire overtook our community a few years ago.) The picture in my "Last minute gifts" post below was taken while I was doing lady with the torch job, so that's what I looked like then. Funny but true story: when I flew out of Honolulu to go to NY for that job, I grabbed a newspaper at the airport. Settled into the flight and opened the paper expecting to hunt for a paragraph about a prestigeous local job we had just done. Imagine my surprise when I saw me and my inspection companion, above the fold, in an 8 X 10 color photo on the front page!

Yeah, that was fun.

Anonymous Jules said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Drew said...
I broke down and did the post. See my tag post at I Got Tagged. Thanks for involving me in this game.

Blogger skeet said...
That's 'cause you're a sweetie, Drew! Mahalo for joining the silliness.

Blogger brettbum said...
I was wonering who tagged me - came through as anonymous, but I found you!


I got tagged on this chain a couple months back, now I've got to start all over again . . .l ol

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