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Thursday, December 28, 2006
Postie Patrol 3
PayPerPost is at it again with their whacky videos. This time we get to view the insane antics they cooked up for postie Genki Girl on a cold Chicago day. She had to accost a stranger for his autograph, find someone wearing shorts on that cold, cold day, attempt to make a snow angel on iced-over snow that wouldn’t budge, and write “I LOVE PPP” on her forehead. It’s fun to watch, and suspenseful as we watch the minutes ticking down. This post was brought to you by HP, who supplied the prizes for the bizarre scavenger hunt. Did Genki Girl win a whole boatload of prizes, including an HP digital camera and Digital Photo Printing equipment and a bundle of cash? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Now wasn't that fun? Don't you think HP and PayPerPost should come to Hawaii to thaw out for their next Postie Patrol? Shouldn't I have the next shot at winning a boatload of HP gear and cash? Yeah, I think so, too!

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Blogger C-dell said...
That is crazy. How do people get video on their site.

Blogger skeet said...
YouTube has codes next to their videos. Copy, paste into your content block & the magic happens!

Blogger Allan said...
Drop Ted off in the Chicago Projects and tell him he gets twenty points if he makes it out alive.
I'd pay to see that.
My word verification is "pagand". Cool.

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