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Saturday, December 23, 2006
RockStartup, Episode 3
You’ve been watching, right? It’s PayPerPost’s new reallity show which chronicles the establishment and daily activities of the group of whackos who pay bloggers to advertise. Episode # 3 is out now. Ted, head honcho of PPP, is ready to move his fledgling company out of its cramped quarters into a new, spacious office. The new office space is spattered with paint and has no windows for the nuts & bolts folks who keep the operation running. Thoughtful guy that he is, Ted leaves town for the critical period and allows his hard-working staff to do all the heavy labor. PayPerPost sponsored this post so you can watch right here & see what happens.

You can watch all of the episodes at

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Blogger Dirk_Star said...

I didn't intend any reminder!


I hope you are having a good Christmas.

Really, I do.

Blogger skeet said...
It's better, my dear! A visit from Santa cures many things!

Hope you and yours are also!

Blogger Diana said...
This was fun to watch. Ted sur looks serious in that meeting, doesn't he? I love Rockstartup. It's cool to see what they're all doing. And Ted is such a nut. Well, I think they all are a little nutty.:)

Blogger skeet said...
Mahalo for stopping by Diana. Yeah, Ted is intersting & about as crazy as they come, but all to our benefit!

Best of the season to you and your family. May 2007 brings heaps of blessing!

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