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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Have you been watching the latest thing in business reality tv? I posted about it here a couple of weeks ago. It’s and it documents the birth of PayPerPost. In Episode 1 we see Ted, our intrepid leader, sweet talk investors into three million dollars worth of funding. Britt was his able assistant on the trip, and he left her alone to set up a trade show. As a trade show veteran, I have to say that that was cruel on behalf of Ted. Brett did a fine job, but could have used a hand setting up the display panels. They’re really a two-person job, Ted, so why not help out next time?

I liked Episode 2 better. Ted and Britt passed out signboards and tee shirts to the crowd waiting outside the Today Show. You know the signboards folks hold up saying hello to their kids back home as they stand shivering in the crowd? It was a clever bit of marketing that all of the signs that day advertised for PayPerPost. Name recognition is everything, and can be hard to come by for a new player, so that move was sheer genius. Moving on to the trade show, Ted was nervous about his booth placement and a slow start to the day. Things picked up as soon as he left Britt alone to tend the booth, though. The scene where Ted and Britt play mindball is hilarious. Some more un-asked for advice from a trade show veteran: 1. Always bring at least twice as many business cards as you think you’ll need, and 2. Never, ever leave your booth unattended. You might just miss the opportunity to meet the most important contact in attendance.

The volume on the videos is poorly modulated, but they’re still a fun watch. Check them out! Episode 1 is above and you’ll find Episode 2 here.

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This must not be a Beta Bloog. I can comment on it! Hurrah!

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