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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Support a good cause
**********This in NOT a sponsored post.**********

See that Crohn's Forum Book Store notation in my sidebar? It's not a paid ad. I put it there because it supports a cause I believe in. A portion of every purchase from the book store goes to support research through the Crohns's and Colitis Foundation of Canada. Any profit remaining supports the Crohn's Forum. It's a safe and friendly gathering place for folks with bowel disease to talk to others who share similar conditions.

Bowel diseases impact every area of ones life. The diseases themselves can be incredibly painful, and many sufferers have to endure multiple surgeries to find any comfort at all. The medications that help the most also carry serious side effects, both physical and emotional. Many people with bowel diseases suffer from depression, brought on or exacerbated by the steroids and other drugs they need to take to combat inflamed bowels. The diseases can interfere with business, school and social life, leading to stress and further depression. We spend our days trying to find the right balance of safe foods and physical activity to avoid pain, flares and embarrassing accidents. We pass by the tempting party platters at holiday gatherings or just don't go at all. We scope out each new establishment to see if they are appropriately set up to accomodate the mad dash we sometimes have to make towards the restroom. Most of us carry spare clothes and a clean-up kit with us everywhere we go because, well, accidents happen. On top of feeling sick most of the time, we have a condition that is socially embarrassing and eats away at ones self-esteem. Family and friends can be great support, but if they aren't fellow-sufferers they most often have no understanding of just how huge the impact of bowel desease is on our lives. That's why the Crohn's Disease Forum and other support groups are so important in our lives. We know that we can go there and vent about all of the stuff that most of you don't want to hear and wouldn't understand if you did.

The Crohn's Forum Book Store is an Amazon Affiliate. There's a wonderful selection of books especially for folks with Crohn's and other bowel diseases, but you'll also find a variety of computer and video games, DVDs, music, toys and games available. I hope you'll consider doing a little of your last-minute shopping there.

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Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
Next time I'm looking to buy a new book I'll check out that site first. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous Denise said...
Good for you, sweets. I'll be using your bookstore link.

Blogger Imran said...
Sorry I am not contributing here, but I would like to tell you that you are a great person to help out on the cause.

Have a good week ahead.

Blogger Crunchy Carpets said...
I have a neighbour who has it... I don't know how she manages the busy schedule of her two kids.

Anonymous Tricia said...
Looks like you tagged a fellow Crohnie. I'm just writing up that tag post now. (grrr - I'll get you back LOL).

It's great that you are supporting the foundation.

Blogger skeet said...
Tricia, I'm not a Crohnie. I'm an "other." I have Short Bowel Syndrome as the result of a ruptured gut. The first support forum I went to, many years ago, didn't want me because I didn't have their disease. I was relly happy to find this place a few months ago. Come on by for a visit some time.

Blogger skeet said...
Thanks to all for stopping by. It's a good cause, so I hope you'll keep it in mind.

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