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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Taking a break
I inspected a condo yesterday on the slopes below Diamond Head. Even urban areas in my tropical paradise offer unique beauty.

After I finished my fieldwork, I stopped at the beach to take some more pictures to satisfy the special request of Imran MD. I live somewhere between a quarter and a half-mile inland. As I pull onto the highway I'm facing Maile Beach Park, so I've been there many times to snorkel or fish. It was a little choppy yesterday, so there weren't many folks in the water, though I could see that others had been there before me.

There's a stone breakwater protecting against erosion where Mailiilii Stream dumps into the ocean. Nice fishing, though I've never caught anything but bait. I "fish," but can't seem to get a handle on the "catching" part of it.

Yesterday it was pretty choppy. That means any line tossed in will almost immediately get washed back and tangled on the rocks.

I sat on the breakwater for a while, enjoying the breeze and the taste of salt. Just as I was getting ready to leave a car pulled up. This fellow got out and unloaded his gear, then the car left. I talked with the man as he was putting his poles together and getting bait ready. I asked why he was planning to fish here, where the conditions were less than ideal. He said he's always lived here on this coast, but was leaving tomorrow (now today) for Maui because the work was better there. He wanted one last shot at fishing his favorite spot before he left. We joked about there not being any fish around Maui, or that there might be "alien" fish there not worthy of the table.

For those of you who always want to know how the weather is, note his wardrobe. I was still in my work uniform of cargo shorts and golf shirt. I can assure you that he was much more appropriately dressed for the balmy afternoon!

I don't know the end of the story. I had to go to my home office and get started on my reports for yesterday's work. I hope he had a nice catch to remember his last day on the coast by. I hope he finds good fishing around his new home.

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Anonymous Whimsicalnbrainpan said...
Once again great pics. I envy your warm weather right now. I hope the guy caught a fish.

Blogger Imran MD said...
I love the beach. It is truly paradise there.

The guy must have left with a heavy heart... leaving something so scenic and beautiful.

Thank you for sharing these pictures with us all.

Blogger Molly said...
Oh my, you live in a beautiful place!

I've been saying for a few years now that I want to live by the beach. I truly hope that I get off my ass and make it happen soon.

Blogger Emsxiety said...
When are we all coming again?

Blogger Pepper said...
You are so fortunate to live in a place of sunshine. I am envious. The pictures are beautiful. I wish Surely and I could of spent more time at the beach but we were shown a sign "no pets allowed." So we left. Great post.

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