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Sunday, December 10, 2006
There are blogs and then there are blogs
I have a list of blog friends that I visit daily. Most of us do these days, I think. Most of them are social blogs. The writers talk about their day: the appropriate punishment for people who drive slow in the fast lane, their honor roll kids, the relief of finishing their Christmas shopping early, the usual stuff. Some are themed. Mine purportedly has the purpose of spurring me onward in a fight against clutter. Another usually links the day’s topic to song lyrics. There are a few foodie and book blogs that I especially enjoy visiting. My favorites are listed over there to the right.

One that’s not listed is the PayPerPost blog. It just never occurred to me to do that. Why? Well, if you’re a postie you don’t need a link. If you aren’t doing PayPerPost posts, why would you want to read it? It’s a “company blog.” It tells us when service will be down for an upgrade and who wore what to the company Christmas party (for which I’m assuming my invite was lost in the mail, harrumph!) Sometimes it announces new opportunities for our blogs. I’m not sure that anyone who isn’t associated with PayPerPost would find much of interest there. Well, actually, you might enjoy some of the wickedly funny videos. But anyway, the fine folks at PPP think you might be interested, so here’s your chance to go check it out. Maybe they think it will pique your interest and you’ll jump on board. You think? Well, yeah, that could happen.

And can you come back and tell me: would you like me to put it on the sidebar?

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Blogger Elle said...
I am not interested in the pay per posts myself.

Blogger Dirk_Star said...
I really don't know enough about it to give much of an opinion.

They probably wouldn't be interested in my stuff anyway...

Blogger Elle said...
thank you for the visit!

Blogger skeet said...
Dirk, dear, everyone is interested in your stuff!

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us, elle!

Blogger Imran MD said...
Interesting, but I will give it a miss. Dirk will have more luck than me.

Thanks for stopping by. I have linked you to my site. Hope it's OK with you, because it'll be a click away to come back here for more.

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