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Saturday, December 23, 2006
Unique and inexpensive advertising for your website

Quick! What was the first ad spot that came on last night during your favorite prime-time show? What about the premier, top-of-the-page banner ad on the last web site you visited? The full page ad on the back of the first section of this morning’s newspaper? You can’t tell me? Someone spent megabucks to show you their product, you saw their presentation, and you’ve forgotten it already? What’s wrong with you? Well, actually … nothing! The majority of us don’t remember advertising within a few minutes of being exposed to it. The fault is not ours. It’s with the advertisers. If they aren’t giving us something unique to ping our memory with, they’ve wasted their money.

Now suppose the shoe is on the other foot. What if you’re the advertiser. You don’t have mega-bucks to spend and you definitely want people to remember you. What to do, what to do?

Your answer is the neverending link, an unique marketing website that is ridiculously inexpensive and will bring traffic to your site. As readers scroll across the screen they will see a story woven from phrases posted by individual advertisers. Each phrase is an embedded link and they are all cleverly woven into the story. It’s silly and compelling and I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to NOT interact and respond to the links. I'll be going back to to see where our intrepid travelers go next. And yes, the neverending link sponsored this post.

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Blogger Satan said...
except for that satan guy

that is just time wasted

is time really wasted when you have an eternity in hell

your soul may not be mine yet

but it will be

Blogger skeet said...
Heaven help me! He's found my home!

Anonymous JE said...
Looking good! Glad you were able to figure out how to get the images in there!

Blogger skeet said...
I was, thanks to your kind help! Mahalo!

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