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Thursday, January 25, 2007
Belisi, Belisi, Bellissimo!
Fashion has never been a huge item on my agenda. I told you recenly that my wardrobe is built around classic pieces. My efforts in the past to add variety and flexibility to my basics have centered around accessories or multi-purpose pieces. A jacket and sassy shoes can take a very low-key daytime outfit into the evening hours. An outfit for shopping is classy enough for doing lunch with friends when I add a scarf and hat.

Fashion as a hobby was never my thing until a few years ago. The sudden upsurge in televison programming on the subject has changed that somewhat. I'm addicted now to a couple of shows in particular. I'm slowly learning what I shouldn't wear, and I love seeing fashion novices vie for their own design houses. I've recently added another resource to my own personal fashion-watch. Have you checked out the Belisi blog yet? First of all, he's incredibly good looking and makes my little heart go pitty-pat. Is it scandalous for an old gal like me to admit that? Well, so be it, but Peter Belisi is not just another pretty face. He, too, understands that "just right" accessories are a must for every wardrobe.

His scarves are soft and feminine and totally elegant. I love his handbags because they're so classy. I really want design 21 red, because my look sometimes need something hot and spicey to wake it up!

What's most interesting to me about Belisi is the heart and soul that permeates his blog. I told you recently about his What's Beautiful to You? campaign. He makes his living in fashion, but he knows that the clothes you wear are not the most important thing in your life (or his.) He also used his blog as a platform to publicize charitable events worthy of support.

Peter Belisi is an all-round guy who has his priorities straight. I like that about him, and I like tht he sponsored this post so I could introduce you to him, too.

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Anonymous sassymonkey said...
Hmmm I like that bag... ;)

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