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Thursday, January 4, 2007
A brief update of stuff
The fire is out! We had really high winds most of the day, the kind that knock down termite-eaten power poles and make your car rock as you drive, but they've died down some now. Cute weather guy says they'll move away from the islands over the weekend. IT'S RAINING! Not a heavy downpour, but enough to soak things down pretty well. Hopefully things will be damp long enough for kids to finish up their left-over fireworks.

I got my Christmas box from my son yesterday. His habit procrastination is part of his heritage, derived directly from my ability to delay everything until the last possible moment, or sometimes beyond. Which, coincidentally, reminds me that I've been carrying my water bill around for a week. (Mental note: pay water bill tomorrow.) His talent for packing wonderful boxes full of just the right gifts came from somewhere else. Maybe his dad's family actually had a few good traits that I was never aware of? Doubtful, but I suppose it could be so.

Lancie the beagle is pawing at my feet,telling me it's midnight & I've kept him up past his bedtime once again.

Aloha ahiahi, my friends.

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Blogger Imran said...
You know what?

When everyone is putting their Christmas decorations away and the festive feel dissipates, yours burns even warmer and brighter come the gift box from your son.

Procrastination is sometimes good too, like in this case.

Yes, have a good sleep. A cool rainy night is the best time to cuddle-up and sleep in that nice warm bed.

Reminder: Pay the bill. Get rid of the stress.

Blogger Allan said...
imran is correct.

Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
Glad you got an extention on you Christmas fun.

Have a great weekend!

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