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Monday, January 1, 2007
Didn't get enough fireworks last night?
My friend russkal found this totally cool interactive fireworks display. Click around the screen to create your very own personalized celebration.

Last night was loud and smokey and long, but maybe just a little less so than in years past. Folks over here really love their fireworks, but you have to get a permit ahead of time and there's a limit to how many you can buy. I think that has really cut back on the madness, but there are still plenty of people who must be pooling their resources because I'm pretty sure that a lot of the groups I was aware of were blowing up ten times the legal limit.

Buddy (the old, deaf poi dog) slept through it all. Lance was a little nervous, but not so much that I had to give him tranquilizers. He stuck so close to me that he kept tripping me, but wasn't shaking and quivering & climbing the walls the way that Buddy used to. Other than the few leftovers that will be popped off in the next few days, we shouldn't have to put up with any more fireworks until 4th of July.

We've all got a clean slate today. Time to start making 2007 the best that it can be! Peace, love and prosperity to you all in the new year!

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Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
The fireworks at Russkal's site were cool weren't they. It was nice of him to put them up for us.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year. I look forward to seeing you in it.

Blogger CyberCelt said...

Coming to visit for Click & Comment Monday. I visit bloggers that visit me and comment. I really enjoy reading new blogs.

I have this old dog who hates fireworks. He was okay last night because we were camped by the bay and all the fireworks were behind us.

I had a German Shepherd once that hated fireworks. I always left her in the house on holidays. One year, my roommate let her out. She came in via his bedroom window and got stuck in the burglar bars. He had to call the fire dept. to get her cut out. She was okay, just mad.

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