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Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Do it on time this year!

I have to admit that I may be the world's worst when it comes to remembering important dates. I know when my friends' birthdays are, for instance, but I lose track of time and rarely send a card that arrives on time. I think the people who created must have had folks like me in mind when they came up with their concept. Through their service, you can select cards that are appropriate, compile a list of the friends you want to remember (with their mailing information and appropriate dates) and then forget about it. They'll send you the selected card, in a stamped, addressed envelope, just in time for you to sign it amd mail it to your friends. How simple is that? If you're a forgetful procrastinator like me, or just plain lazy, you really should check it out!

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Blogger Retta said...
You can't be the worst! That's totally my job!
I used to never forget a birthday. Then I had kids and my memory went to mush! Now I need these kind of services.

Blogger Dirk_Star said...
This is actually a pretty good idea.

If you are a traveling sales person or a soldier I can see ths being a great idea.

Good post!

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