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Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Email forwards
I get tons of email forwards from family and a friends. Some of them make me crazy. How hard is it to copy and paste the original content to your mailing list, instead of forwarding a forward of a forward of a forward? How many private email addresses have you forwarded to me (from folks who don't know me and might not want me to have their addresses?) How many have you shared my address with? Shame on you!

One of my cousins (actually she's married to a cousin) is a thoughtful emailer. She "blinds" addresses, and only sends me selections from her forwarded mail that she thinks will interst me. This post is dedicated to Kathy for her thoughtfulness! She'll never see it, of course. My blog will lose a lot of its entertainment value if my family ever finds out about it! Here's part of a forward Kathy sent me today. I hope enjoy you'll this in her place!

And finally, for all of my postie friends who are recovering from the latest scavanger hunt:

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Blogger Vanda said...
LOL to funny Skeet.

Anonymous Jules said...
Funny stuff, but there is that "get a life" phrase again. UGH! I blogged about it today.

Blogger skeet said...
We really should all get out a bit more, lol!

Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
LOL! Thanks for sharing. I love the one about calling technical support.

Blogger Pepper said...
I love it!

What are my family members names?

Anonymous Rose said...
Thank you for the laughs Skeet. I really enjoyed these. Have a lovely day. :)

Anonymous Sarakastic said...
I wish my computer really had that one eyar alert, would come in very handy.

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