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Sunday, January 7, 2007
For Cass

My camera became brain-damaged on Christmas Day, and I'm pretty sure it went through its final death throes on New Year's Day when I was trying to take pictures of the fire. My timing was always lousy!

My friend Cass has just started a new photoblog. She's invited one and all to join her for Self Portrait Sunday which, of course, I can't really play right now. I can cheat, though. I know this because most of Cass's friends weren't any more ready than I am, so they've posted non-self portraits. I've dug around in my files and come up with a real exclusive!

Above you see me, mid-eighties, with the ex. He was trying not to be the ex that day. He'd been out of my life for quite a few years, but he had a habit of showing up from time to time. That was fine. We shared a son. But then Mr. Ex would disappear again for another few years. Each time he came back he'd suddenly remember that he loved me madly and wanted me in his life. The first time he did this I bought it. That's when we married. Our son was three. I was young and foolish enough to think that his father and I could make a family for him. We were together for a whole five months before that fell apart. The next time I saw him was probably about five or six years later. I got a call from a lawyer saying Mr. Ex was back in town, in jail, and needed help with bail. I brought him a carton of cigarettes and we visited for a half an hour. Then I got a lawyer and had him served with divorce papers. He thought that was cold. I thought it was pragmatic, considering that it was the first time he'd had an actual address in many years.

Fast forward to the occasion above. My life had become more settled. I had entered the profession I still serve today. I was on the board of our local industy association and had committed to go to our annual picnic. Mr. Ex showed up and wanted to spend the day with our son. Son said no thanks, I'd rather go to the picnic. He was getting ready to start his senior year in high school and quite able to make his own decisions. Mr. Ex also told our son that he needed to drop out of school and go into the U.S. Army, as he, his father and his grandfather had done. Son said no thanks. So we all went to the picnic.

And why is the picture considered an exclusive? Well, because it was one of only three occassions where we were photographed together. We had a very small family album.

Cass would like you to join her and all of her friends for Self Portrait Sunday. I'll install a button when someone tells me how. Today you can just follow the link above and it will take you right there! Don't be shy now!

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Anonymous Cass said...
Skeet, thanks for playing. You tell the most wonderful stories!

Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
Good for you! I'm glad you handled yourself like the smart, tough lady I've come to know.

Blogger Dirk_Star said...
I think I did it right...

I loved the ex story!

I hope I didn't make you mad with my email last night...

Blogger skeet said...
Mahalo Ms. Cass! For the sweet words and for setting the project up! Hope it will get lots of participants as it grows!

LOL, Whim! Like I had much choice? Mahalo for stopping by!

Dirk, I'm embarrassed! I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it. I got it last thing before turning the 'puter off and going to bed (2:00 in the morning - don't you ever sleep?) But no, you didn't. I'll reply via email.

So, is no one shocked that I married a biker-dude?

Blogger Suni said...
Wow skeet what a story, what a life. The wonders of you never cease to amaze...

Blogger Marisa said...
I don't think I've ever met anyone quite like you. You're amazing, and you sure do have a way with the written word.

Blogger Christine said...
Thank you for the story to go along with the picture. I'm just repeating the obvious here, but you're great at telling them.


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