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Saturday, January 13, 2007
Fun stuff!
I have scads of what I call "messing around" sites in my bookmarks. These are the places I go when my head gets too full of serious stuff and I need to decompress. Don't tell my clients, but I frequently escape this way when they are on the phone with me, droning on and on and on in a conversation that shouldn't take more than a minute. They make me crazy, so I slip away for a little distraction while mumbling "uh-huh" and "yes, I understand your concerns." is my newest escape bookmark. They have Crazy Funny Videos, Free Online Games and other funnies that help make my life bearable. I've found several games that amuse me, and I've watched the video about clever crows about a half-a-dozen times because it makes me laugh out loud. HINT: Turn off video sounds when you're ignoring a customer on the phone. Let them think your laughter is in appreciation of their own delightful sense of humor! sponsored this post so I could share a laugh with you!

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