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Friday, January 26, 2007
Have you ever had to help put together a fundraiser? I was "volunteered" to do it several times when my son was young. Little League uniforms and equipment don't come cheap, and schools have ligitimate needs that aren't always figured into the budget. It's a fun thing to do, but it can be a real headache finding just the right project. Next time you're called on, check out the charity fundraising tips on this site. You'll find lots of interesting and easy-to-promote items, and a great prize program to get the kids motivated.

Make sure you check out their unusual options, from window clings to scratch cards to healthy snacks and more. Candy, scented candles and cookies practically sell themselves, and you'll find them here. Keep in mind and make them your first stop next time you need to organize a charity fundraiser. They sponsored this post so you'd know where to turn.

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