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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Getting ready for your SATs?
I have several friends who have children in high school and who are trying to help prepare their children for college. There are a lot of hoops to jump through along the way, and the SATs are among the most important of those. I’ve known a few people who aced their SATs without study or effort, but they are the exception to the norm. For most it takes a lot of studying and hard work. Algebraic formulas tend to become fuzzy within a few months of finishing the class that made us learn them. Words that we learned in a history class might be hard to define once we move on to a different era. Everyone needs a little help when it’s time to study for SATs. You can prepare (or help your child prepare) for the SAT Vocabulary test by using an innovative learning site that provides unique ways to enhance memory. Look at this word-picture tip for recalling the meaning of the word APEX:

Looks Like: Ape
Remember This: King Kong (the ape) climbs up to the top of the Empire State building, which is the highest point in New York.

You’ll find that SATVOCAB.COM has a comprehensive list of standardized test words with definitions and tips to help you keep them in your memory. There is also a feedback system in place so you can get answers to all of your questions about test preparation. They have study programs available for other standardized tests, also. I’m passing the link on to my homeschooling friend who also has a wonderfully informative blog for other homeschooling parents. She can use this SAT Vocabulary method for helping her daughter and her readers prepare for their SAT vocabulary test, and I know she’ll be glad they sponsored this post so I could share the site with her.

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Anonymous Denise said...

Blogger Allan said...
I dropped several tabs of blotter acid the night before my SATS and wound up telepathically obtaining the math answers from the fluorescent tubes overhead... I placed in the top 5 for my school,probably woulda failed if the lights hadn't been helping me.

Blogger skeet said...
ROFLMAO! Allan you're a mess. However, if I'd known back then that that method worked ...

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