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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Ha! Here's proof!

I kinda resent y'all trying to steal my thunder. I posted below about decluttering & you each seem to think that you are better than me at burying yourself in detritus. Ah, you are so ill-informed. I was going through my photo files and look what I found! The above is dated June 30, 2005. That's the work table in my office, where I do my books, sort files, pay bills and such. Well, I used to. I haven't actually seen enough space for most of those activities in quite a while. See the large stack of files to the left? There is an almost identical stack in the same place today, just slightly larger. The heap of clutter to the right of the TV? Oh, I wish my camera worked so I could show you that today it's actually two fallen-over heaps supporting each other. That slick-looking roll of something under the left rear corner of the table? That's a large laminated poster called "Bad Bugs" that should be on my wall. It shows identification photos of the more common wood destroying insects, along with damage typical of each species. I love that poster. I really should put it on the wall. Today it's in the back of the supply closet. It's behind the old phones I want to give to the shelter for abused women, and the reams and reams of different colored paper I use when I print notices for the homeowner's association. It's not likely I could get close enough to the wall to hang my poster anyway, so I guess I'll leave it where it is for now. I don't know what the rest of the stuff under the table is. Hey, give me a break! It was almost two years ago. My industry magazines are in racks behind the stack of files, and I see pink receivables binder beside them. My purple binder for my service account log is on the front/center of the table under a single file. Maybe I actually logged that file the day I did the work. That used to happen. I probably thought about turning to my right and taking a picture of my cluttery desk that day, too. And I probably concuded that it was so embarrassingly messy that I didn't want to record it for posterity. Which, of course, means it was much messier than the work table. This was near the launch of an effort back then to tackle my messes and clean them up. It didn't work, as verifiable to anyone who should see that picture and also get a look at the same view today.

So, anyway, no more of this stuff where you come here & whine that your stuff is messier then my stuff. This is one crown I've earned for myself and you're not going to take it away. I am the champion ... when it comes to clutter!

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Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
I was motivated to clean out all of my clutter while helping my Mom get ready for her move last summer. That woman had more crap than a septic tank. I did my entire apt. except for my drafting table which still has a huge pile of papers on it. It was so nice to get rid of all the excess stuff (most of it went to Goodwill).

Blogger skeet said...
I have a regular date with the truck from United Cerebral Palsy, lol. I used to say that I feared becoming my mother. Somewhere along the line it happened anyway. If you read the first couple of posts to my blog, that was actually why I started writing it.

Blogger Pepper said...
I stand in awe!

I am truly impressed.

You are the queen.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Isn't it amazing how quickly our "crap" piles up???

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