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Friday, January 5, 2007
I got tagged: Favorite movies
My friend Jules tagged me. I have to tell you about my five favorite movies. It's hard to pick because there are so many good ones out there. I've watched each of the ones below many times, but they aren't the only ones to share that dubious honor. I love the old Lerner & Lowe and Rogers & Hammerstein musicals, but didn't include them. Brigadoon is available on DVD now, so I'm going to use a gift card from Christmas to pick that up soon. I love grainy, silly black-and-white sci-fi flics ... the kind where you sometimes see a boom descend into the screenshot and you have to laugh at the goofiness of the monsters. I adore really good kid-flics and probably have as many of those as I do adult fare. Alfred Hitchcock is still my master of suspense. But, for a general audience, here are my five:

I first watched because of Johnny Depp, of course (don't we all!) His sexiness and charisma come through, no matter what the role. He's never relied on that alone, though I'm pretty sure he could. His movies are all fresh and original, and he knows how to pick his roles. What surprised about this one was my reaction to Brando. He's always been a fine actor, but I never particularly thought about him one way or another. Surprise! He's huge in his role as DJDM's therapist - I'm referring to his physical shape - but wow! He exudes sexuality and intelligence and wit. Made a fan out of me.

This one is probably catalogued as a romantic comedy, and I certainly like that type, but I think that The American President is head and shoulders above most of this genre. Smart and sexy, Michael Douglas and Annette Benning create solid, believable characters that you feel like you really know early in the show. They're both so intelligent and strong-willed, you know there's going to be an intersting conflict. The supporting cast all carried their roles extremely well also. This one is great fun with a just the right level of tension and drama thrown in to keep it from being too sugary sweet.

A group of unemployed Irish guys decide to put on a show a 'la Chippindales. You know you're going to love it from the opening credits. I still laugh until I cry every time I watch it, still get teary over the sad parts & still want just a little more of a peek at the end. Why, oh why did they not shoot the final shot from the audience's perspective?!

Not just one of the best baseball movies ever. One of the*best*movies*ever, period. First there's Kevin Costner. Yum! Get over it and get into the story (I know, hard for some of us to get over Kevin. That's like trying to get over Johnny Depp. Not sure it's do-able, but try.) We all have a field of dreams. A seemingly impossible task that only we have faith in, and we've fought it because it's so ridiculously farfetched. This story is all about stretching, and reaching and believing and doing. Making the intagible dream become a reality. But you know that. You've all watched it and felt that stirring to drag your dreams out into the light of day. It's not about magical slippers. It's about taking that leap of faith, even though common sense says you'll never reach the other side. Field of Dreams makes us believe we can.

Perhaps one of the saddest movies ever made, certainly the saddest for our times, because it's the terrible reality we're all living with. The all-star cast is a good enough reason to watch, but it's the story that is the true star here. Political - not my thing at all. Controversial - I usually avoid that, too. Still, it sucks the breath out of my lungs and leaves me shaking, crying, feeling so helpless. Yet I've gone back to it time and again, and I know I'll continue to do so. It's too compelling to just watch once. It's too important to not share. Watch it. Get angry. Then do something. Yes, there's a special reason that I ask you to watch it, but you don't need one, trust me. If you haven't watched it, please, please do.

Now for the fun part. I tag Drew and Osman because they love good movies, too! Now I need to find one more. Any volunteers?

Ah, finally! I also tag my sweet,good friend scorpy01!

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Anonymous Jules said...
Don Juan DiMarco! Oh yes, another favorite of mine, although it didn't make the top 5 list ;)

Blogger Dirk_Star said...
Good movie choices...

Just out for a late night stroll.

Blogger skeet said...
Enjoy the neighborhood, my friend.

Blogger Kate said...
I LOVE Don Juan DeMarco. And it has that oh-so-sexy Bryan Adams song.

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