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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
I HATE this kind of excitement!
I heard the what was unmistakably a firetruck coming up my street. Just as I stepped out the front door it stopped in front of my house. That was because the house they were going to next door already had an ambulance blocking the street. The crew from the fire engine jumped and ran up my neighbor's driveway. When they move that quickly after the first responder is already on scene, it brings up all sort of scary thoughts. I had to go back inside for my keys (I keep the gate locked since my recent intruder scare,) and as I stepped out into the street another fire engine pulled up. I though I was smelling smoke then, but couldn't see anything on fire. (That may have been paranoia on my behalf, what with our history in this neighborhood.)

The neighbors are an older Japanese couple. I think she's in her late sixties & he is probably well into his seventies. He takes care of their little four-year-old grandaughter every day. I approached one of the medics coming back out of the neighbor's yard and asked if I was needed to tend the little girl. He said "Nope. All over now, but thanks," then told the other crews they could leave. I still have no idea what is all over but I'm glad it is.

UPDATE: Dot (next door neighbor) had extreme shortness of breath, but responded well to whatever the medics did & would not let them take her to the hospital. She saw a doc yesterday & was given antibiotics for strep throat. This might have been anaphylaxis from an allergic reaction to the meds. She and I had a talk with the little girl, who knows it will be okay to go with auntie skeet for a little while if grandma or grandpa ever needs to go to the doctor in a hurry. She knows her mother & big sister's phone number & we will call them to come get her.

Whew! I feel much better. And I guess the "might be smoke" was just my paranoia, lol!

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Blogger dorischua said...
Thank God you are safe!

Anonymous Charlotte said...
I'm glad to hear everything was ok. That kind of commotion always shakes me up too.

Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
Glad everything turned out alright.

Now what is this about an intruder scare?

Blogger Crunchy Carpets said...
I think our neighbours went nuts when the fire truck and ambulance showed up in the court!
They were squirming trying to be polite and not sound nosey...we didn't care! Ask!!!

Blogger skeet said...
I didn't care either, CC. I asked. If if had appeared there was nothing I could do I'd have just stood back and stayed out of the experts' way, but I thought the hubby was there alone with the little girl, in which case someone might have been needed to look after her. I did't know Dot was home sick with strep.

Whim, I have never been in the habit of locking my doors or gate. A month or so ago someone walked in my front door while I was in the back of the house. The dogs went after him & he took off, cursing and running. I keep everything locked now, home or not. I've also gone a little overboard in my gratitude to my furkids & the beagle needs to go on a diet! ;0)

Mahalo to you all for coming by! You know I love visitors!

Anonymous Crystal Clear said...
Aloha-glad it wasn't so bad after all! Sorry we haven't hooked up for coffee yet but I am kind of like you in that stuff just kind of comes up rather suddenly..We will have coffee though. Perhaps it can be a pic or a post honoring my new domain! A snazzy new design is in the works too. Hope you stop by after it is finished!

Blogger skeet said...
Aloha, neighbor! Sounds worthy of celebration to me. Let me know when & where!

Anonymous Jules said...
Oh scary! I'm glad it was nothing too serious.

Blogger Pepper said...
Thank goodness your neighbors are okay.

You are a great neighbor to offer to babysit. I want to hear about the intruder scare.

Blogger skeet said...
Whim & Pepper: the intruder thing is her in comments, my comment below Crunch.

Anonymous Cass said...
Geez! It never stops whirling around you, does it? Glad everything turned out ok.

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