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Friday, January 19, 2007
It sucks having tummy troubles
Carbonated beverages have been out of my diet for twelve years now. I buy one every now and then, but it causes me so many problems that my craving is cured for quite a while. I used to drink Coke and Dr. Pepper, but A W Root Beer and Cream Soda were my favorites. I think I probably kept A & W in business for quite a few years. Now I buy an A & W Root Beer or Cream Soda about once a year. I love both poured over good quality French Vanilla ice cream. Few things in this life can compare to the taste and sensation of a good root beer float, and a cream soda float runs a close second. I'd like to find some decent noncarbonated versions, but the selections available in Hawaii are limited. I've tried a few and they were just nasty. I've abandoned my search for now, but I'm sure I'll be tempted again some day. Then I'll just have to deal with the whole I-can't-eat-ice-cream-either issue.

Did you know that A & W Root Beer was first served at a parade for returning WWI veterans in 1919? Roy Allan originally sold it for a nickel a serving from a roadside stand. It earned it's name when he paired up with Frank Wright and opened a restaurant. It's big business now, owned by a huge corporation, but it's got a long and honorable history. I'd ike to go back to supporting it. Guess that's not gonna happen anytime soon.

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Blogger Christine said...
I've had stomach problems for, well all my life I suppose, but more acute in the past 10 or so. I've been tested for everything and it's all come back inconclusive. I can so understand your missing rootbeer floats. I cannot eat anything that is high fat without paying for it later. You'd think I'd be thin by now, but it hasn't worked out.

Growing up a special treat was my dad taking us to the local A&W. I remember when I "graduated" from the baby burger to the next one up. I want to call it the teen burger, but can't remember. I know they had Mama and Papa burgers. Whatever I ate, we always got our frosty mug of A&W rootbeer with it. I even have a couple of those mugs somewhere in a box.

Blogger Meander said...
oh i love rootbeer. and birch beer too. i feel for you...that must be hard to give up. i have stomach issues too...IBS. i try not to eat too much dairy as it hurts later.

so how can someone sponsor a post? this is very intriguing.

Blogger skeet said...
Meander, I'm glad you asked. That's a post I was paid for through payperpost. The advertiser for this particular post asked us to "blog as we usually would" about any item on the page linked. This probably means that they weren't interested as much in gaining buzz for their site as they were in getting links.

I signed up for payperpost a few months back. Each day I go to their "opportunites" menu and, if I find something that I think I can talk about, I reserve that opportunity and do a blog post about it. Thirty days later I get paid. I try to select things that I know I can do justice to and that will be a good "fit" for my blog. No one tells me what to write. The advertisers merely supply us with basic information, links and, sometimes, images that they want included. I've been paid over five hundred dollars since late November,and have another fifty or so in recent posts that haven't been reviewed yet for links and such. Posts take anywhere from ten to thirty minutes to compose, so that's pretty decent money.

There's a link at the top of my sidebar over on the right. If you decide you'd like to join, I hope you'll use it to sign up. I won't be getting any of your earnings or supervising your work, but I'll get a one-time bonus of $15 (from payperpost, not you) for hooking you up. You can also use the same link just to check the site out and see how you feel about "getting paid to blog about the things you love." If you have more questions ... ask & I will answer!

Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
Even gingerale? When my stomach acts up sometimes that is the only thing that calms it down.

I love rootbeer but IBC is my favorite.

Blogger skeet said...
Yeah, whim. It's the carbonation that causes me a problem, which is why I go looking for non-carbonated versions from time to time, so far with no good results.

My condition causes extreme bloating, and my meds can make that even worse. Add carbonation into the mix & I blow up like the Goodyear blimp. The pain is so intense it can totally debilitate me for days on end.

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