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Sunday, January 28, 2007
Keeping your pets safe
A couple of months ago one of my dogs ate a whole bottle of antacid tablets. We love our pets and try so hard to take good care of them, but stupid things happen. Today I was surfing around and landed on the ASPCA site, which I remember visiting when I was trying to find out if Tums are poison to dogs. The first thing I found today was an article about how dangerous potpourri can be. Who knew? Who thinks about these things? I've got little pots of the dried stuff sitting in every room in the house. I have several of the little potpourrri burners that are mentioned in the article and I use them frequently. I need to patrol my house yet again and make sure I'm not putting the furkids in danger.

As I was reading about how dangerous it is to make my house smell nice I noticed what appeared to be a flash game. I was killing time while waiting for the laundry to finish & I'm all about games, so of course I checked it out after I finished reading. I wouldn't exactly call it a game, but it's a very nice flash presentation about dangerous or poisonous substances that many of us have in our homes. Look for the little pup image above while you're still on the potpourri page & take a tour of your home.

Oh, and one more thing while you're there. You'll see a donation icon. You're an animal lover right? Worthy cause? You bet. You know what to do!

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Anonymous hyphen eight said...
Oh boy, one more thing to watch out for - pretty soon someone's gonna tell me the air and water aren't safe...oh, wait, that's already true sometimes, isn't it? That woman just died of a water overdose...

On a related note, I recently read an article at Snopes about how hand sanitizers can cause alcohol poisoning (see the bottom of the Toxin du jour page). On the one hand, it's not exactly a surprise to find out the stuff is mostly alcohol, but most people don't think of it as a hazard - I've seen dispensers that are accessible to anyone walking by.

I wonder how long it will be before hand sanitizers come with "childproof" tops that except children will have trouble opening? And how long before some genius tries to swill a whole bunch of the stuff just for the heck of it?

Well, I'm just a bundle of cheer tonight. Feel free to moderate my mutterings out of existence...

Blogger skeet said...
LOL! Mahalo for your input my friend. Hope we'll all be gettign together soon!

Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
I was surprised when I learned a couple of years back the poinsettias are very poisonous.

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