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Saturday, January 6, 2007
Meet my fellas!
I talked about some of my gal friends a while back and promised equal time for the menfolk. Here are some of the guys who make my world go around

Steve, over at The beginnings of a Blog, is a tech wiz. He knows and understands all the gadgets that make our lives click along smoothly these days. He’s also great at hunting down links for new sites that help you stay informed. But our Steve is not a one-dimensional guy. He’s a Canadian living in New York and going to Long Island University on a track scholarship. Did I mention that he’s got a wicked sense of humor? Wonder where he finds the time to dedicate to the research that keeps his blog up-to-the-minute?

Drew and I have been visiting each others blogs & talking on a message board for a while now. He and his lovely lady Allison are both excellent photographers. He’s posted a Photo-A-Day since April 9, 2005 and has invited other bloggers to join his Photo-A-Day project. Drew is a true renaissance man. He collects Transformers, and even posts tasty recipes! Every time I prowl around in his archives I find something new that I didn’t know about this talented guy!

Osman has the heart of a poet. I’ve been reading his About the things that occupy my mind for a while now. His posts are always interesting and thoughtful. He’s a multi-talented guy who recently excitedly announced his second blog, Linguistics and Languages. Osman, you see, is a linguist and languages are his passion. He is studying at university to be an English teacher. He is multi-lingual and has installed a translator program on the site so that it can be read in twelve different languages. I especially enjoyed his round-up post of others’ thoughts and opinions on languages. I was quite honored when he asked me to be his first guest blogger.

As a newbie blogger and totally non-tech, I frequently find myself facing glitches in my posting. Techie has come running to my aid several times when I’ve had technical questions. He’s another who is a great resource for gadgets and sites to enhance your online experience. He’s recently started a gift selection site with attitude. He likes to share amusing tidbits that he finds when he's surfing around. Oh, and I should mention that it looks like his little girl is making her first appearance in the world this weekend. Congrats to Techie & wife!

In addition to all of their other sterling attributes, my fellas are all handsome and studly, and they all know how to treat a gal to make her feel oh-so-special. Drew and Techie are taken (alas!) but Osman and Steve are single guys still looking for love. Skeet's matchmaking service will, for a small fee, arrange a more personal introduction for you gals out there who are also searching.

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Blogger Drew said...
Thanks Skeet. I love your write up of all your men.

Blogger russkal said...
Thanks for sharing.

Say, I was just wondering...

do you have time for a Princess?

Anonymous techie said...
Thanks skeet. Good write up.

Blogger Osman said...
oh my God, Skeet, you are the lovely one, not us! :) Thank you for your honest reviews!
Could you edit the link when you write 'Linguistics and Languages'? ;)

Thanks a lot!

*coming with my posts soon* :)

Blogger Dirk_Star said...
Uh, you never called me eye candy...

I'm crushed...

You don't think I'm pretty.


Blogger skeet said...
No,, no, no darling! It's because you already know that you are my one true love! Did you want me to broadcast that? ;0)

Blogger Imran said...
Always a pleasure to be here and expand further to other interesting blogs you recommend.

Have a good weekend!

Blogger DNR said...
Wonderful blog. Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by.

Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
I'll have to check these guys out. Thanks for telling us about them.

Blogger Suni said...
Skeet you are a gal after my own heart!

Blogger Steve said...
Thanks for the nice words, btw I don't have time, I just cut time from other things, lol.

Btw the track meet went well, I'm going to post more about it later, just got in from Boston :)


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