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Tuesday, January 2, 2007
My boy loves baseball

Is there anyone who doesn’t know that my son is a sports fanatic? He discovered numbers when he was three years old. By the time he was five he was calculating and announcing players' new batting averages as a game progressed. The intensity built as the years passed. During high school he lettered in baseball, football, track and basketball. I was very proud of him, but when he was selected as the Academic Athlete of the Year I was prouder still. A jock with a brain. What a combination!

As a youngster he played Little League baseball. It was his first organized team sport and baseball is still his first love among the sports. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area now. He works in a casino, where he deals Texas Hold ‘Em. That works out especially well for him, because he frequently gets time off on weekdays. When he gets lucky with timing, you’ll find him at a game. He watches the Sharks play hockey, and frequently attends baseball games also. The Oakland A’s are only a short drive across the bridge, but it’s the San Francisco Giants who own his heart. He goes to most of the home games, but has never been to Spring Practice.

His birthday is in January. It’s always been hard to decide on birthday presents, because I generally tend to go overboard at Christmas and am fresh out of ideas by the time January rolls around. It shouldn’t be a problem this year, though. I’m so glad that I have this opportunity to write a sponsored post forSF Giants Spring Training tickets. He can get time off for a road trip to Scottsdale, and I think this is a trip he’d love. This year was the first time since his early teens that I didn't add to his watch collection at Christmas. I think I’ll surprise him with a San Francisco Giants watch for his birthday and tuck some tickets for spring training in the box.

Am I the best mom in the world or what?

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Anonymous JuanaTango said...
you are the best mom in the world....will you be mine? ;)

Blogger skeet said...
Aw, you're gonna make me cry sweetie. Of course I will, but what's your other mom gonna think of that? Hmmmmmmmmm! Perhaps we won't tell her? Hugs to you, sweetie. I've got my lovely potpourri sitting right here on my desk so I can enjoy it all the time. Mahalo nui loa!

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