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Sunday, January 21, 2007
A procrastinator's dream come true!
You know I love sending ecards! I send paper greetings from time to time. Most of them have something on the front like "Happy Belated Birthday" or "Ooops! I missed your big day." It's not that I don't think about my friends' special days until they've passed. I know what those days are. I'll find myself thinking, way ahead of time and with warm fuzzies attached, about friends celebrating forty years of marriage or about how proud I am of a cousin who is graduating from high school Those are really special occasions, so I want to take my time and find just the right words to tell them so. The procrastinating side of me always thinks I have plenty of time, and then suddenly it's just too late. Really shameful, I know.

I'm working on that, I honestly am, but until I get it right I'm really glad there are so many wonderful animated ecards to choose from. I can schedule them ahead of time when I first think about an occasion, and, of course, they don't cost nearly as much as paper cards. For those that I just don't remember until the last moment, I can send the same day without having to select from the "belated" catagory. American Greetings ecards on msn offer all of those benefits, and they have a wonderful selection of cards for every occasion. Yearly membership is only $13.99, and you can try it out FREE for thirty days. Free is good always good, but membership has its privileges, you know. You can even go through your address book and select and personalize ALL of the cards you want to send out for months to come, then just insert the date you want them delivered. I also like the option of creating and sending paper cards. I could do that, but, of course, I'd set them aside until mailing time and then forget to send them. I'll probably just stick to the ecards option for now. That way everyone will know I'm thinking of them on or before their special days instead of having to wait to see an "oops!" from me.

I'm a huge fan of humorous animated ecards for happy occasions. I'm glad that American Greetings ecards on msn spnsored this post so I could share Chin Music with you. I didn't notice the name of the card when I clicked on it, so it took me a moment to realize what I was seeing. Hilariously funny! Make sure you watch the bloopers at the end!

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