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Sunday, January 7, 2007
Ready for another holiday?

It seems like the holidays are coming closer and closer together. I'm not yet decompressed from all of the madness of Christmas and New Year's, but it's time to start thinking about Valentine's Day. Yes, it's that close! has a nice selction of Valentine Cards ready to go. Silly or sentimental, you'll find something you like. Make sure you take a look at The Crystal Rose. Beautiful! Check out, the nice folks who sponsored this post!

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Blogger Dirk_Star said...
Oh god, not another holiday...

Blogger skeet said...
Yes, and you will be treating your lady extra-special-nice this time around, right?

Hint: Women love it when their infant's give them gifts & cards, too.

Blogger Retta said...
At least this one fills the store with chocolate and sweet stuff!

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