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Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Sad news on the coast
I drove up the coast highway a little while ago to run some errands. This entailed passing numerous encampments of homeless folks. The same high wind that damaged my roof recently has knocked down or even destroyed quite a few of the tents. I'm pretty sure that most of those folks are going to have a hard time finding new shelter before the rainy season starts getting serious with us. We've had a few heavy rains just recently, but that will turn to monsoon-like downpours soon, sometimes lasting for days or weeks.

Some folks think that Hawaii is a pretty good place to be homeless. We don't have snow or even terribly cold weather, though it can be pretty chilly at night when you're in a tent right next to the ocean.

The wind is still blowing.

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Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
"Them thats got shall get
them thats not shall lose
so the Bible said
and it still is news...

...Yes the strong gets more
while the weak ones fade
empty pockets don't ever make the grade"

God bless them.

Anonymous Denise said...
There is no good place to be involuntarily homeless. sigh

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