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Thursday, January 18, 2007
Seamless Pictures

I've had the picture above as my desktop wallpaper forever. It's by Ron Gonsalves and is part of his Seamless Pictures series. It's amazing art, with literally seamless blending of fantasy and reality in many of his pictures. I've been a huge M.C. Escher fan for as long as I can remember, so perhaps I was pre-conditioned to love this guy, too. Go, Browse. Be amazed. Fall in love with Ron Gonsalves.


Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
I love Escher too! I can not believe that he never considered himself a real artist. I have a poster of Relativity hanging in my apt.

Thank you for introducing me to Ron Gonsalves! I really like what I've seen of his stuff so far.

Blogger kat said...
That is a great picture. I really liked all that stuff. Thanks for showing me new stuff. :)


Anonymous Cass said...
Skeet, I'd like to use this for sixneatthings. Is that ok?

Blogger skeet said...
Whim, yeah, he always thought of himself as a mathematician first & foremost. It astouds to realize how good he must have been with that, considering how deftly he handled his art. I have a few posters & four or five books.

Kat, they're really fun, aren't they!

Ms. Cass, anything you want is fine with me, ma'am!

Anonymous Cass said...
Thanks! I linked you in the post.

Blogger Osman said...
Wow! Great picture Skeet! I love those pictures. I had seen some examples of it but not this one so far ;)

Blogger Suni said...
fantastic! I love art.

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