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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Selling a business
I own a small business. My son is totally disinterested in my industry and will have no use for my little company once I'm gone. Hopefully I'll have retired before then anyway. There's always the possiblity that I could drop dead on the job I suppose, but, whatever scenario ensues, either I or someone else will one day be faced with the task of selling my business. Marketing a business involves a great deal more than just selling the real estate or the client list. A professional business brokering firm is needed, to assess the business and prepare it for the market. Getting the right price requires someone who knows and understands the value and potentital of the business, and who has the ability to present it to the largest possible group of qualified buyers. The smart way to Sell a Business is to do it through an online database that will reach the targeted market that is insterested in what you have to offer. A good business broker will know how to handle all that pesky red tape involving taxes and auditing and such. I've never given this much thought, but my business assets include intellectual properties and goodwill. I wouldn't have the least idea how to place a value on such things. That's why I'll look for a reputable firm like KeyMergers & Acquistions when it's time to sell my business. They're the smart folks who sponsor this post.

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