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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Some good free stuff!

Everybody likes free, right? I found these two sites a few weeks ago and I have been visiting them almost every day since. Sometimes I forget, which is a shame, because the free downloads change every day. We're not talking about those "30-Day Free Trial" gimmicks that some sites use to lure you in. This is genuine, first-quality, licensed stuff that you get to keep. I'm gonna go take a peek right now and tell you what each site is offering today!

Okay, I'm back! Giveaway of The Day is giving away a download for for Global Clipboard Here's some stuff about it:

"Global Clipboard is a multifunctional clipboard manager. The program saves all the information that is copied to the clipboard. Therefore, you can restore any data used during your work. A flexible interface and convenient viewing make it possible to receive all the information on each data fragment." The retail price is $19.95, but you get it free!

You read that right! Software that usally sells for $19.95 is free, just a mouseclick away. It's not a contest where you have to jump through hoops. It's just there for you to take!

Their sister site is Game Giveaway of the Day. Same deal as above. One game download a day is featured. You want it, you downoad it. No strings. Today the freebie is Lines Deluxe:

"A vibrant remake of the old classic Lines game. This totally brand new version is literally full of life! The balls interact with the player and numerous realistic bonus features make the game exciting and loads of fun."

I'm here to tell you it is addictive. I downloaded it last night (they're in a different time zone than me) and suddenly it was two hours later, lol. It, too, sells for $19.95 but is free to you today.

Both sites sell software, of course, and invite you to browse their sites the next time you're looking to buy. But let me stress again: there is no obligation to buy anything in order to get the free daily downloads. They really are free! That's a price you can't beat! The clock is ticking. The sites tell me that their giveaways will change in six hours and thirty-four minutes. Get going!

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Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Blogger kat said...
very cool. I'm all about the freebies. If it's free, it's for me...LoL


Blogger Diana said...
Great. Just what I need. More fun stuff to keep me from doing what I should be doing. Thanks. Thanks a lot.:)

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