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Friday, January 12, 2007
Someone to watch over me
Regular readers of my blog know that I had a scare recently when an intruder entered my home. I started taking home security seriously that day. My deadbolts stay locked, whether I'm home or not. My gate stays padlocked. I wish it were otherwise, but my desire to stay safe outweighs my longing for "the good old days." I've installed security lighting around my home. The next step will be installing a home security system. Security Systems, Inc. installs the Orlando Home Security System and is the type of company I'm looking for. They are an authorized G.E. Security Pro Dealer, so you know you'll be starting with a great package. The hardware is important, but it's the personnel monitoring your system who will make the difference should an emergency arise. I am very impressed with the fact that they want you to know that the person arriving to install or service your alarm is indeed their authorized representative and not an imposter. Fly-by-night operators don't stay around long. Security Sentinal Systems, Inc. has over 21 years of experience selling, installing and monitoring security systems for homes and businesses. They sponsored this post and are the type of people I want watching over me.

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Blogger Imran said...
Truly sorry to learn that your house was broken into.

You have taken the right step. Home security is important especially when you are living alone or when you often not at home for long periods, like business trips and vacations.

We have installed the security system in our home which is being monitored real time by the security personnel remotely for intrusions, fire and medical emergencies too.

Always good to prevent than picking up the pieces after things happened.

Take care and stay safe. Have a good weekend anyway.

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