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Thursday, January 18, 2007
Southern Fried!

Cass has posted the first edition of the Southern Fried Carnival. Go take a tour of ten blogs that will remind you, in the words of the immortal Phil Harris "That's what I like about the South!" You'll also find instructions for submitting your own Southern Fried post next time, or you can click on the Blog Carnival box in my sidebar & click on it there.

Go. Read. Have your heart warmed. But don't forget: Y'all come back, now!

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Blogger CyberCelt said...
Hey, Skeet!

Thanks for visiting my Texas RV Travel blog.

I see another member is starting a second PPP blogroll. I posted it on my three blogs, so I have your blog on my blogroll now.

This blogroll thing is a neverending battle to keep updated.

Blogger skeet said...
Mine is worse than most because I dont' know html & have them all listed. Take a look at the never-ending sidebar, lol!

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