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Monday, January 1, 2007
Super ebay bargains
Are you an eBay bargain hunter like most of us? If so, I hope you’re not all shopped-out from the holiday season. Lastminute Auction is a very cool site and is sponsoring this post so I can tell what makes them so cool. They list eBay auctions that are available for one dollar or less, and that only have an hour to go before the items are withdrawn. We’re not talking junk here, either. Right as this moment you can get a Lionel D.L. & W. 611925 Caboose Work Car or an antique truck for $.99 plus shipping and handling on their toy list. Are you a comics collector? Rush on over and get a Marvel Classic Comic, currently bid at only $.75. The clock's is ticking, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? Check them out!

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Blogger TW said...
Ok, that is some cool stuff that I DO NOT NEED EVEN FOR UNDER A DOLLAR. HMPH. You are trying to ruin my whole take control of my finances. ;-) Oh wait, the coolness of sponsored posts means you my friend are getting to take control of yours. Well, go on then! Even if I impulse spend.

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