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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
That's what friends are for!
A big mahalo to two posties who gave me a hand today. I spent many hours putting together my two new blogrolls, only to have the script corrupt into an unclicklable mess. I posted this morning that I would look for the bugs when I got off of work, and then fretted about it all day while I was in Waikiki.

When I got home this afternoon I opened up my computer and went first to the blogrolls. Nope, it wasn't a bad dream. They were still just long lists of links that wouldn't link. I was more than a little afraid to go to the thread at PayPerPost where I'd offered to share my work. I noticed that I had PMs so I checked them out first. I was halfway expecting to find either sympathy or curses. What I found instead was a cure for what ailed me.

The first was from Mooger who explained why I'd had a problem and then gave me step-by-step corrections. Do you know Mooger? He's a tech whiz who seems to pop up every time a postie has a code problem or other technical gremlins to deal with. He's got two great blogs where you can get to know him better. In Just Some Thoughts he opens up his head and blogs about whatever falls out. Fun, funny, interesting and entertaining. Most of the posts contain links to interesting things he's found while wandering around the net, like this very unusual Zebra Calendar from a recent entry. His other blog offers reviews of all things musical. Check him out for the latest in guitars, amps, software and more at Todos Music Gizmos. His reviews are direct and factual and seem to me to be unbiasd and fair. Mooger seems to be an expert at finding the offbeat and unusual. Who knew that you could have an amp in a vintage toaster?

After I finished reading Mooger's advice I moved on to the next PM, still wearing my flameproof big girl panties and expecting some not-so-pleasant words. Instead I found that my friend CyberCelt had not only offered the same corrections I'd just read, she'd done them for me! Strangely enough, I had written some stuff about her a few days ago & had saved it for a final polish. Here's what I wrote before she bacame one of my guardian angels:

I’m a Texan, you know, and spent a lot of my youth exploring the great outdoors. That’s why I got hooked on CyberCelt’s Texas RV Travel Blog the first time I visited. She loves to brag about Texas and (don't we all?) and her pride comes through as she tries to entice you into checking it out youself. She did a wonderful job of decribing some wonderful fishing spots in the Texas Hill Country River Region recently. She’s also generous of heart and has reminded her readers about our obligation to help those in dire need. Make sure you also check out her Click and Comment Monday on CoolAdzine for Marketers and her blog monetizing strategies at Advertising for Success.

I hope you'll go visit my friends Mooger and CyberCelt and tell them how wonderful they are!

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Blogger burf said...
I am not in your postie blogroll :(

what did i do?

Blogger burf said...
oh! btw, my ppp blog is

Blogger skeet said...
I've added you to my list of posties to put in on the next edit. Thanks for stopping by.

Blogger burf said...
hey skeet ji [ji is an expression of respect in my mother tounge - Hindi], please don't apologize

btw, thanks for the inclusion :)

Blogger CyberCelt said...
Thank you for that wonderful write up. If you need anything, just ask. Anyone who will hand code a blog roll is a friend in my book.

Anonymous crunchy carpets said...
I love your blogroll thingie!!

I want that!

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