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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Unsigned Idols

You're a musical artist looking for an audience, hoping to be discovered. You're good. You're confident of that, and your family and friends know it, too. They've even hinted that you should sign up as a contestant for one of the ubiquitous televised music competitions, right? You know, like American Idol or one of it's clones. That just proves that they don't understand your music at all. Pop is not in your vocabulary, and you don't want to clean up that nice. You're rough around the edges, and more than a little gritty. It's in your look and in your sound. Simon Cowell won't get it if he lives to be a hundred. Your music is too cutting edge to be fed to a mass, anesthetized audience.

What you need is That's where you'll find your fans. Upload your stuff and create a profile that tells true music-lovers what they need to know about you. Rap, hip-hop, punk, heavy meatal; doesn't matter what catagory you fit, beacuse this is all about finding the right audience for the authentic you. is in beta release, so this is your chance to get on board before the full launch. Your audience is waiting. This is where everyone will be going to find Unsigned Bands and solo artists. They'll never know you 'til you put it out there. Aren't you glad that decided to sponsor this post so I could give you a push in the right direction?

Alright, alright, you can still go if you're a clean-cut Idol type. Why fight the masses just so Simon can cut you down? You know you're good. GO!

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