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Thursday, January 18, 2007
Where is beauty?
Fashion style, to me, has always been expressed in the details. In my wardrobe you'll find classic pieces. My skirts are classic, whether gored for flare or straight for simplicity. You won't see excessive zippers, toggles and baubles on my slacks. They are understated and chic. I like elegant crepe blouses and crisp button-front shirts and have three nearly identical cream-colored, light-weight silk sweaters. The lines of my dresses and suits would be recognizable to a fashionable woman in the fifties, though they have been updated for the new century. I’m still searching for the perfect little black dress (aren’t we all?) and jeans that truly compliment my shape. I know they’re out there. When I find them I’ll have the foundation of the perfect wardrobe … for me.

Accessorizing is what brings my wardrobe to life and allows me to express my mood. I have several dozen scarves that I use creatively to add fun or elegance to my classic wardrobe pieces. Shoes and handbags can take my look from “all business” to “kicking up my heels.“ A change in hairstyle or a piece of jewelry may tell you the mood I’m expressing today.

Peter Belisi gets it. He understands the joy I take in expressing my own style. His designs bring elegance and sophistication to those sweet little pieces that let me tell you who I am. I think it’s because of his philosophy. His fashions help me find the finishing touches that let me know that I can project a beautiful look. More importantly, Belisi knows that beauty is not found just in glossy fashion magazines and on billboards. Belisi asks, "What's Beautiful to You?", is his new campaign that asks you, the true beautiful people, to help him define beauty. Check out his blog and post your definition of beauty. The answers so far are thoughtful and eye-opening ... and beautiful. Your comment could win you a $100.00 Belasi gift card, so go; tell the world what is beautiful to you. Belisi sponsored this post because he wants to know what you think.

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Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
I always knew you were a classy lady. Me, I just stick with jeans and t-shirts. I'll take comfort over fashion any day.

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