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Friday, February 2, 2007
Need a laugh?

Oliver Gaspirtz is a little bent. Maybe more than a little. If his work looks familiar, you may have seen his cartoons in The National Enquirer, The Sun, Saturday Evening Post or Funny Times.

He also contributed some of his bizarre cartoons to The New Breed, a King Features syndicated cartoon panel, back before he decided to distribute his work exclusively on the internet.

Go check out his funny cartoons and if you see something you like, take it! It's okay; he wants you to. Next time your blog or site needs a little dark humor or a comic for comic relief, pick up an Oliver Gaspirtz cartoon and post it. Just make sure you give him the linky love, because stealing is not nice.

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Blogger Wizened Wizard said...
I think the bear cartoon was inspired by some of my furry friends! Above the entrance to their cave is a sign that says, "Defend the right to arm bears!"

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