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Saturday, February 3, 2007
Where would we be without friends?

Those of you who are involved with PPP know that owning your own domain means you can make more money. The rest fo you will just have to take my word for it. So I, of course, have been planning to do just that, but procrastinating because the process is so intimidating to a newer blogger like myself who also happens to be a technophobe. This week PPP made some announcements that made it imperative for me to do it NOW.

Absolute panic ensued on my behalf. A blogspot blog is pretty much self-generating. The only thing the blogger needs to input is original thought. Go out into the world where you actually have to know stuff and skeet's gonna be shaking in her boots for sure. But then a funny thing happened. As soon as I realized I needed to do this, posties started lining up to help! Posties are those wonderful folks who blog along-side of me for PPP. Well, Cass got there first and she's amazing. I will be forever in her debt for moving all of my content to my new place & then insisting that I help her with everything else so I could learn how things work.

This is the same Cass who took it on herself to run the Southern Fried Carnival which I've just realized I've missed because I was so caught up in other stuff this week. Sorry Cass! She also runs Self Portrait Sunday which I hope I'll be playing with once I get a new camera. Oh, and I should mention that a pipe broke and flooded her kitchen while we were working feverishly to get my blog in order. She didn't miss a beat. Just dumped the dirty laundry on the floor to sop it up & carried on with coding & copying & pasting & whatever else we were doing just then.

I'm telling ya, Cass is amazing. Go visit her & you'll see for yourself. I stole the above copyrighted picture from her. Dont' tell her that!


Blogger Retta said...
Cass is such a sweetie :) (awwww you photo thief you!!)

hey,'re blog of the day!

Blogger skeet said...
You're kidding! I thought only the bad guys got the spotlight. There goes my reputation! Mahalo for letting me know.

Anonymous Cass said...
Aww, Skeet, thanks. I will admit I almost choked on my teeth when I saw my face on your blog, and I don't wear dentures, LOL! It was just a shock.

You are most certainly, certainly welcome!

Don't forget to be putting your new posts on the new blog as you go :) Just copy and paste them.

Blogger skeet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger skeet said...
Aha! I was wondering about that. Now if I can just remember which door to use to get in there ...

Blogger Anon A. Mus said...
I must agree. PPP has several great posties and Cass is one of the best.

Oh, congratulations on being "Blog of the Day"!


Blogger Olivia said...
I'm a fairly new postie with PPP, but I feel the same way about the other posties there as you, Skeet. So very helpful, and quick to answer a question too! I've just gone through the same thing yesterday that you did with Cass. My PPP new best friend is Suni! She walked me through everything to get a blog onto my own web space. What a sweetheart she is! :-)

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