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Monday, February 5, 2007
Yum! Take a look at this!

I don't know a lot about English football. I know that it's not the football we watch religiously in the US. It's soccer, right? Anyway, a couple of years agao my son asked for a Manchester United jersey for Christmas. That was when I discovered he's been following the game for quite a few years. No, I'm not a terrible and neglectful mom (at least I hope I'm not!) My son lives thousands of miles away and the subjcet had never come up in our frequent phone conversations.

Today I found the Cristiano Ronaldo fansite and I'll have to admit I'm ... um ... interested. Cristiano is a Portugese fellow who plays for Manchester Limited. So, see, there's a connection already, because my son follows the team. That makes it okay for me to be interested in him, right? Nevermind that he's serious eye-candy. I'm gonna soak up everything about him because I owe it to my son to show an interest in his hobbies. Yeah, nothing to do with those abs. Nothing at all. ;0)

You can find out all about Cristiano Ronaldo by visiting his fansite. You'll find his biography and the latest news about him, plus some action-packed videoes that will show you why he's so popular. You know you want to, right? And it's got nothing to do with those pecs, hm? The Cristiano Ronaldo fansite sponsored this post so serious fans and silly old ladies could know everything they want to know.

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Blogger CyberCelt said...
Woohoo! Serious eye candy. I missed this opp because I am having to convert all my blogs on Blogspot. AUGGGGHFHFHFH!

Here for Click & Comment Monday, and I am so late it is Tuesday in some timezones.

Have a great week!

Blogger skeet said...
I've already got everything from this blog switched to my domain. Just waiting for PPP approval to make it official.

Blogger Vanda said...
Did you know that Man U is owned by Americans?

So not a fan of them.

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