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Friday, January 12, 2007
And another kind of update
On January 4th I asked you if I should start dating again. I stated that if fifty of you voted for it within three days, I would sign up for an online dating site and start checking out the prospects. My polling effort was somewhat lame, but that's okay because it was also somewhat rigged. I have, on a few occasions, gotten more than ten comments to a given post. My average is lower, and the post that received the most comments has only gotten sixteen (though they continue to dribble in, so that number could increase.) I set you up, dear friends, knowing that it was extremely unlikely that I would get fifty pro votes, along with some nays and some undecideds.

Mahalo, my friends, for not putting me through that ordeal. You showed yourself to be remarkably disinterested in my love life. Please don't be embarrassed or feel that you need to explain yourselves. That pretty much describes my own level of enthusiasm. I would have kept my word if you had rallied to the cause, but am greatly appreciative that you chose to let me off the hook. It was a workable tie-in for the sponsor I was writing about, but I'm pleased it will not inturde futher into my life.

You may return now to your regularly scheduled programming. ;0)

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Blogger dorischua said...
Out of curiosity.. did you sign up for the dating site, Skeet? :-)

Anonymous Cupid said...
"You showed yourself to be remarkably disinterested in my love life"

It's not that, it's these damned clipped wings.

Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
Well I must have missed that one. Yes, I think you should.

I found my current sweetie on (and turned down tons of guys who were just not my type). At the end of April we will have been dating for 2 years.

Look at it this way, at the very least you could get a couple of dinners and some good blog material out of it.

Blogger skeet said...
LOL! No, I didn't sign up, because I, too, am remarkably disinsterested. It's not that I don't like men, or that I haven't love a few & enjoyed that very much. It's just that they're so __________ much trouble to maintain! :0D

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