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Friday, January 5, 2007
Insteresting things happen while Hawaii sleeps
It's six o'cock in the morning. I'm waiting for my coffee to finish dripping so it can help my pry my eyes open. I had detoured into my home office to turn on my computer on the way to the kitchen like I do every morning. I guess it's just as well that the coffee isn't ready yet, because I'd surely have sprayed it all over the monitor when I opened my mail. See, this gal I know online recently took a European vacation. She recorded everything with her HP Camera and has been generously sharing her photos with anyone who wants to see them. But I must be very special, because she gave me an exclusive piece of a lovely collage she's making. Some of you know just why that's so special. Since you're my friends, I thought I'd share it with you also.

Coffee's ready! Y'all come on over & share a cup with me. Today's special is Kona macadamia nut.

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Blogger hszoo said...
I really like your blog! It's like friends, conversing over coffee. By the way, THAT coffee sounds yummy! (from a fellow Postie)

Blogger Pepper said...
Coffee sounds great! That was sweet of your friend to send you that picture.

Blogger skeet said...
Pepper, it's a puzzle piece in a PPP contest. Most are scattered around the web & only the fanatically dedicated will find them all. A few are released exclusively for PPP posties to place on their blogs. This time I was one of the chosen. I posted in a roundabout way so as not to make it too easy for the searchers. Took someone about five minutes to find it, loTnaks for dropping in. The coffe is always on!

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