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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Self Portrait Sunday

Last week my head was stuck on the fact that my camera had died. I didn't even think about my web cam, even though other participants were using theirs. So, anyway, here you go. Me, early on a Sunday morning. Two sips of coffee inside me, hair uncombed and, if you look closely, there's probably gunk in the corners of my eyes.

Arrrrrrrgh! Next time I'll look closer before I put it out there. Pretend I fluffed my bangs so you can't see the half-inch of roots that are crying for attention, lol!

You can play Self Portrait Sunday too. Click on the link to see how.

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Blogger kat said...
Woo hoo! hello there!
Mine has been up for hours cuz I like wake up at the butt crack of dawn...LOL


Anonymous Osman said...
Nice picture Skeet! :)

I am done with mine!

Blogger Suni said...
OMG It's a SKEET!!!!
Smile next time :D


Anonymous Deb said...
Skeet :) Nice to meet you face to face! Deb

Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...
Hi Skeet! *waves*

Blogger Dirk_Star said...
Hey, great picture!

Uh, can you please tell me how it gets easier to deal with pregnancy the longer it goes on?

Please, lie if you have to...

Blogger Crunchy Carpets said...
I think we need to do theme photos...everyone has to do one that screams..I just got up in the morning!

Blogger skeet said...
Mahalo guys for not saying what you really think of me, lol! I'll try to do makeup & hair next time ... and smile!

Dirk, someone has been lying to you! Other than getting used to largeness & crampy stretching-out-of-shapeness and crazy hormones richocheting everywhere, the only thing that changes much is that sometimes morning sickness goes away as the pregnancy grows.

Which one of you is tired of it already - you or her?

The one thing that gets better & better is that you're closer & closer to holding your sweet son in your arms. :0D

Anonymous Cass said...
Thanks for playing Skeet! It's nice to know someone else needs a little jumpstart in the morning! My DH drops coffee off on my nightstand for me,, LOL!

Blogger Pepper said...
I think it is a great photo. You don't want to see me first thing in the morning, hair sticking out, teeth out, somewhat gooched eyed... yeah I am scary thing in the morning. You look marvelous.

Anonymous mrscrumley said...
Great, thoughtful pic!

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